Friday, August 26, 2011

Preparing my womb for a successful embryo transfer

I've had many questions from family and friends about how this next step works: The Meds and Injections.

I've been on birth control for over a month now, and this will help to regulate my menstrual cycle and will also make it easier to sync my cycle with the egg donor's cycle. What?? You didn't think I'd be using my own eggs, did you??

In about a week I will be starting an extensive medication protocol that will help to prep my womb for the embryo transfer. The lining of my uterus will need to be super, super thick in order for the embryo to "stick" and get nice and cozy for a nine month vacation. This will all be accomplished by taking oral pills, vaginal suppositories, and injections, on a daily basis. This step will take approximately one month.

Also, during this time the egg donor will be working hard to prep her body for the egg donation. She will be required to take both oral and self-administered injections as well.

Once eggs are retrieved from the egg donor, they will be fertilized in the lab and then transferred to my uterus 3-5 days later. I will stay on bed rest for 24-48 hours in order to give my Intended Parents' embryo the best chance at sticking around for a while. Also, after the transfer, I will continue on medication, daily and throughout first trimester. This will cause the embryo to implant and help to simulate pregnancy.

My golden box of meds should be here any day now. It will be like Christmas in August and I can not wait. I'm thinking about recording my very first self-administered injection. Would you be interested in watching me poke myself for the first time? Eeeeeeek. I hate needles.

Oh my goodness, and how could I forget!! I met up with a few of my closest surro-sisters last week and we enjoyed a lovely dinner together. Yaaay for surro-sisters!!!

Clockwise from the bottom left: 
Misti and her son
Myself and my daughter

Between the four of us, we have birthed 15 babies (one set of twins)!!!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Signed, Sealed, Delivered.....

...I'M YOURS!!!!!!!

Contracts are D.O.N.E!!!

I can now move forward in helping to create a family for my Intended Parents!!

These past few weeks have been so fun. I talk to the guys a couple of times each week, both via email and phone, and I am really enjoying getting to know them. Every time I get an email from one of them I have a perma-smile on my face for the rest of the day.  I love that we are on the same page with everything--it has made the legal process go so smoothly.....and quickly! Growing Generations really does a nice job at matching surrogates with Intended Parents. This could not have been a better match and we are all VERY excited to be moving forward!!

My son, Aiden, has been very curious of the guys since I announced to him that we are going to help two men become daddies. At first Aiden was all giggles and wasn't quite understanding why the baby(ies) will have 2 daddies and no mommy. He even asked if I would be living with the guys. I assured him that I will not. It helped to remind Aiden about our close family friends, Sue and Maria, who are gay--married--and live together with their children. He now gets it (YAY!!!!!). His next questions were: When are the guys giving us their (baby) egg? Who puts the egg in my belly? How is the egg put into my belly and will my belly be cut open? (THAT was an interesting conversation!) Can he watch the transfer? (OMG, so cute!!) And what are the guys' dog's names (they have two pooches)? So, so cute. He's all full of questions now....I love it. Last night Aiden had the chance to talk on the phone with the guys. He really enjoyed it. So much so, that towards the end of the call he started being silly and was farting. If you know Aiden, then you know that when he farts around you that means that he likes you. ;)

And I'll leave you with this......Word on the street is that I will be starting meds and injections NEXT WEEK!!! You heard that right people. I am well on my way...and I could not be more thrilled!!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

On To Contracts!

We are in the beginning stages of contracts everyone!! Our goal is to go from "beginning" to "finalized" at lightening speed. I LOVE that The Guys and I are on the same page in that we would like to transfer as soon as possible. OMG, I can't believe this is all happening....and quick!

I'll be pregnant for The Guys in no time!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Looking for other surrogacy blogs to follow?

In the far right column of my blog page you will see "Surrogacy Blogs That I Follow". I have recently updated this list to include my most favorite blogs that I follow (Sorry if i've accidentally missed anyone!). There are a lot of them. In my list you will find both Surrogates and Intended Parents blogs. Some are just starting their journey, others are getting ready for the arrival of their precious baby(ies), and some have successfully completed their journey. I really enjoy reading and following these blogs and I hope that you will too.  

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Matched For A Modern Surrogacy!!

I am very excited to announce that I am matched with a pretty awesome set of Intended Parents. Words can not begin to describe how I am feeling right now. It took me over a year to get here and I wouldn't have it any other way. This is where I am meant to be. All of the past struggles and hurdles that I've dealt with have lead me to where I am at today. Does it get any better than this?? Absolutely. It gets better and better!! This is just the beginning of an incredible life-changing journey. A journey that I am so very honored to be a part of. A journey that my family and I will be on with a pretty amazing set of IPs. A journey that will end with a baby in the arms of his/her rightfully deserving parents.

I am helping to create a family. I am assisting two men in their journey to Fatherhood. This is my body and their baby that I will be growing in my tummy. My name is Andrea and I am a gestational surrogate helping to create a modern family. This is my story and it starts now.

A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, home happier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for.