Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Shit just got REAL real!!

You've waited long enough. So, here it is!!!

A faint positive line was seen on the evening of day 4 and you can see the progression from there!! 

Our surprise reveal to Robbie and Allen. They live in the condos to the right of this picture.
Their front door faces the parking lot that we're standing in.
We pulled up early Sunday morning on November 24th and called Robbie to tell them to come outside.
This is what they saw!! We had a video camera set up to catch their reaction, but my husband recorded the WRONG FRONT DOOR!! So, all you hear is their reaction while you're looking at someone else's front door. 

A little gift for R & A. What could it be?

A closer peak....

It's positive pee sticks!!!!

I had to explain how to read the pregnancy test. 

"Filled with PRIDE" indeed!
My beta results came back as 471 at 10dp5dt and 7825 at 17dp5dt. I'd say we're positively, absolutely, without a doubt pregnant!!! And there is a definite possibility of it being TWINS!!

Ultrasound next Wednesday. The suspense continues!!

Our Embryo Transfer

I know, I know....a little late (ok, a lotta late!) on blogging. Sorry!! I'm working full time these days and once I get home it's all about the kids and whats for dinner.

So, let's get caught up!

We had a 5 day fresh embryo transfer on the morning of Saturday, November 16th. 2 perfect embryos were transferred into my womb. The embryos where wheeled into the room in an incubator and we were able to view them under a microscope prior to the transfer. It was amazing to see the two little guys, healthy as can be! Everything went perfectly. My uterine lining was great, too, and measured at 11mm!

After the transfer, I spent my 24hrs bedrest at Robbie and Allen's home. They live around the corner from the IVF clinic and it just made sense to stay there and save money on a hotel room. I jokingly told Robbie that as long as I have a bell to ring and a personal chef, I would happily stay with them at their home. Living up to his promise, Robbie had a bell at my bedside and he whipped up some home made ice cream for us!! The remainder of the day was enjoyed lounging on the couch and watching movies together. It was perfect. We wrapped up the evening with story time for the little embryos. We laid there together as Allen read the little embryos their first book. It was quite the moment! Allen plans to read to the baby/ies at every chance that he gets.

By Noon on the day of the transfer I was already feeling cramps. I knew to expect cramps after the embryo transfer, but these cramps never went away. I just knew that the transfer was successful because these were the same exact symptoms that I had after my last successful transfer which resulted in my first surro-babe, Peanut!!

The remainder of my bedrest stay with R & A was wonderful and very relaxing. We all enjoyed a great home made breakfast before I headed home to my family and to wait for our first beta blood test in 10 days. Oh the suspense!!!

Allen having a look at the embryos through the microscope. Such a neat moment!!

The nurse preparing R & A's embryos for transfer. 
Little Robbie embie on the top left and little Allen embie on the top right. 

The nurse explaining the embryo quality to R & A.
Transfer complete!!
As I rested on the table for 30 minutes, Robbie and Allen placed their
hands on my tummy and had a little chat with the embryos. "Snuggle in tight little ones!"

2 little embryos transferred!

A wonderful surprise delivery from my Minnesota Love, Amy.
She spoiled us with chocolate covered pineapple, strawberries, apples, and bananas.
So delicious!

Thank you for hosting my bedrest, R & A! I truly enjoyed my stay!!