Wednesday, January 15, 2014

11 weeks pregnant and our first OB appointment

As of Monday, I am 11 weeks pregnant with one healthy little bean. We had our first OB appointment of this pregnancy and everything looks great! My OB and nurse were so excited to see me back again and helping another family. I'm thrilled to be able to use the same OB as my last surrogacy.

This baby is a feisty one. I've been feeling the first flutters since last week. This is the earliest I've felt movement with all of my pregnancies. I don't really look pregnant yet, but I am sure starting to fill out! I can't wait for the bump to grow. I've been eating for two more and more these days. I get full quickly, but hungry more often. I feel like I am constantly eating. I'm making healthy food choices so the constant eating doesn't feel so bad.

Next up: We'll be going back in the next week or so for our first trimester screening. There's a new test out where we can find out the sex of the baby just by a simple blood test taken from me. Everyone is super excited to know the results. I'll have to come up with a fun idea for the gender reveal. Robbie and Allen aren't going to get away with a simple phone call to find out the sex of their baby!

How I'm feeling these days: I'm hanging in there. Nausea was getting the better of me, but then I remembered the magic combo that all of my surro-sisters rave about: Unisom and B6. This works like a charm and the magic combo last all day! I take a half of a Unisom and a B6 pill every night and the nausea is pretty much gone. AND I'm sleeping well too, thanks to the Unisom. I wish I would have used this combo for my other pregnancies!

What I'm looking forward to: I'm really looking forward to looking pregnant. I love watching my belly grow and feeling the baby move around inside of me. It's such an incredible feeling.

Until next time.....