Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Long Beach PRIDE Festival

I attended Long Beach PRIDE this past weekend--my first time ever--and it was a blast!! I was determined to make a shirt that was surrogacy related and when I reached out to my surro-sisters, one of them had an extra shirt from her trip to SF PRIDE last year and she was more than happy to pass it down to me. 


Dont mind the droopy eyes....i was going off of 4.5 hours of sleep the night before!

Many people at PRIDE liked my shirt....and a few even asked "What does My Uterus is an ALLEY mean?". Oh boy people!! If my uterus was an alley, i'd be in big trouble. My uterus is in fact an ALLY--I am working on becoming a gestational surrogate for a gay couple--thus myself and my uterus being an ALLY. :)

I had an amazing time supporting the community, my mother, sister, and friends at the PRIDE festival. Here are a few of my favorite photo opps of the day!

I proudly support
My friend of 20yrs, Randy~~My Mom~~My Sister
My friend Randy and his husband, John

My sister and her girlfriend
Enough said.

I am determined to become a gestational surrogate for a gay couple. Whether it be my first journey or my second (my heart is set on two surrogacy journeys)....I will help a gay couple bring a child into this world.

And as one of my surro-sister's, Kelly, at Just the Stork once said---
 "I promise I will fight for your rights until the day I die."


Babydreams2011 said...

WOW.. I got goosebumps, very powerful message, you are THE BOMB! xoxoxoxoxo!

momof4 said...

LOVE everything about this! Makes me so excited for the pride here in MN!

Jaime Dinh said...

LOVE IT! I went to Pride in Rome one year... where our tiny little parade was chaperoned by men with machine guns and police helicopters flying above. So scary.

messica said...

I love the pictures! Looks like a fun day. Wish I had known it was going on, I would've joined you guys. I hope you get the opportunity to provide your uterus services to a gay couple soon!

Bradley's Mom, Randy's Wife said...

I think that is great. I Love the idea of doing this for a Gay couple. Whoever you do this for will be very lucky!

Surrogate, Single Parent and Dating... said...

Love it!

Krystal said...

Awesome pics, I love it!

Jeff and Kevin said...

What a fun day!
And an alley??? That WOULD be a problem!

Anonymous said...

ANDREA, That is so awesome of you for doing such
wonder thing as this. Can't wait to see you pregnant. Good luck with happy days to come. Love you, Cousin Christi

TXSurromom said...

Awesome! :)