Monday, April 16, 2012

Hip Hip Hurray!!

I've graduated!!!

..from meds that is. 

After 14 long weeks of daily injections and pills, I am now officially off all medications (except prenatals of course).

My bum could not be happier. It was getting pretty tough there for a while with the daily injections.

I am now released to see my OB for the remainder of this pregnancy. We have the first trimester screening next week and my IFs will be flying into town for that. I can't wait to squeeze them!

Today marks 11w2d pregnant. I had a final u/s with the Fertility Doc this morning and was able to see Peanut squirming all around. Such an amazing sight! I'm looking forward to the coming weeks and when I can start to feel all the movements.

Not the best picture, but here is today's u/s...
11w2d pregnant
Peanut measures 11w4d and is about 2 inches in length
heart rate is 166bmp
(I'm kind'a guessing it's going to be a girl)


LovelyMrsJessica said...

Yay! I can not wait for that day! :) Peanut is CUTE, and i'm saying girl too! ;)

Jeni said...

Hooray for you and your butt! :)

Have fun with the guys while they are there and great job growing that peanut who I think might be a boy. ;)

cheldi said...

YAY for graduation!

Jesse said...

I'm saying Boy :) Just 'cause. :)

Congrats on graduating off meds!! Always a cause for celebration! (the non-alcoholic kind, of course)

Michael said...

So happy for you and your bum.