Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Keep the sweets coming!

I passed the 1hr glucose test -- yippee!! I celebrated appropriately with some chocolate covered raisins. Yummmmm!

I had 5 minutes to gulp down this drink for the glucose test.
It wasn't bad--tasted like flat, orange soda.

Things are just peachy here. Same 'ol stuff and nothing new and exciting to report. Well, me passing the glucose test is exciting, but only to me because that means I can still eat what I....I mean Peanut wants. ;)

Oh! And I did have an OB appointment last Wednesday and I only gained ONE POUND since my last visit. Woohoo! My goal for this pregnancy is 25 pounds. So far, I'm at 15. I think I'm on the right track for success.

Most days you can find me sitting on the couch, relaxing, and with the fan pointed directly on me.
Peanut is 28 weeks exactly here..
Here in So. Cal., we're experiencing a massive heat wave complete with high humidity. It's not fun dealing with this heat when you are 7 months pregnant. And let me tell you...it's also not fun sweating in places that you shouldn't be sweating--so not lady like! A friend joked on Facebook that the heat radiating from her arm pits is going to cause a global warming. I commented that I think I've taken the cake....with the heat that's radiating from my crotch! See...told you it's not lady like!
Peanut is 28 weeks and 1 day here. He LOVES the beach.
He lets me know by all of his kicks and squirms.

My son, Aiden, has been super helpful (most times!) around the house.
I am thankful for these times...
Thanks to the 3rd trimester, I am now able to hire an actual housekeeper! She started last weekend and will come weekly to help me with things around the house. It's nice not having to worry about cleaning the bathrooms, mopping the floors, dusting, vacuuming the stairs, ect. This allows for more time spent...relaxing on the couch in front of the fan! It's hard work growing a baby, don't ya know. ;) All kidding aside though, the housekeeping allowance is a true blessing, and I am so thankful.

I didn't plan too well on how I spent the maternity clothing allowance a few months ago. I didn't buy hardly anything for the summer / heat waves so, today I waddled myself on into Target to stock up on a few essentials to get me through this dreadful time of the year. They didn't have much of a selection, but I did make out with two pairs of yoga pants and a cute tank top. I always go into Target for something and come out with something not on my "list". Ugh! Thankfully, a surro-sister of mine is shipping some of her maternity clothes to me this week. Fingers crossed there are some tanks, shorts, skirts and/or dresses in there or I'm in trouble.

Admiring my growing bump in Target. I like the double mirror shot.
These were the clothes that I wore into Target...not what I purchased.
Don't laugh...I had yoga class that morning!
Peanut is 28 weeks and 4 days here...


Venus of the Kitchen said...

You look great! I love reading your posts. I can't wait to be where you are (minus the heat)! :)

Jesse said...

Congrats on passing the 1 hr!!

You are like the cutest preggo ever. I'm totally JEALOUS!!

Mike and Tony said...

You are absolutely ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ashley said...

You are so cute!! And yes, this CA heat is killer even without a preggo belly!! So happy to see that you passed that glucose test... always a big fear of mine. Keep up the awesome work, mama!! You look awesome!

Amanda Lentz said...

Yes I'm in san Diego as well and not prego yet but lupron is giving me major hot flashes which doesn't help in major heat.

B said...

I just began my surro journey, and your story is so inspiring! Keep the posts coming =)