Monday, June 13, 2011

IUD Removal

Its been 5 months since I had the Mirena IUD taken out at my first medical screening and man oh man is it taking my body a long time to adjust!! I had the IUD taken out in January and by February I had the biggest, heaviest, and most painful period of my life. I was leaking through the super tampons in an hour. So not what I am used to. Freaking out, I called my Mom because she always has the answer to everything and she told me that if it continues like this on my next cycle to call the doctor. Ok, so my first period after having the IUD out came and went and I was glad to see it go, that's for sure.

Then March came and it seemed to be back to normal. Phew. Mom was right. My body just needed time to adjust from having the Mirena out. After all, I had the Mirena in for the past two years!! Surely it's going to take some time to adjust.

Ok, so April comes.... and it goes....and NO period. What the heck!! It was going on 44 days since the beginning of my last period back in March so I was freaking out that maybe I was pregnant. Long shot--but it could be. I took a test and it was negative. Thank God!!! The next day, of course, it arrived. May 11th, 45 days since the beginning of my last period. Errr!!!

So, now as I'm preparing for my next medical screening, I have to wait until my period starts in order to schedule the screening. Of course....i'm late AGAIN!! Today is day 33 and while i'm not THAT late (I normally go 30-31 days), it's still a few days late. Let's just hope it's not another 45 day'er like my last cycle.

I was super bitchy last week, and crazy emotional this past weekend. Today my boobs are sore so I'm hoping this is a clear sign that Aunt Flo is about to show herself very soon. This evening I treated myself to frozen yogurt packed with bits of reeces peanut butter cup and sliced almonds. Hoping this will help to welcome Aunt Flo with open arms.


Krystal said...

It never comes when you want it to and always comes when you dont. Blah! Hope she shows soon for ya!

Anonymous said...

Our surrogate had the same issue with the Mirena. I hate that this is so challenging for you right now. : (

Jennifer said...

Good luck!! Hopefully moving forward will come sooner than later :)