Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Surro-Sister Bond

The bond that surrogates have with one another runs deep. There is a special connection that no one else can understand unless they were a surrogate. This bond drives me to do "crazy" things according to some family members and close friends of mine. They shake their heads in confusion when I say I'm going to meet up with another surro-friend for dinner.

I hear things like:
"You don't even know them!"
"Why would you want to meet up with someone that you've met over the internet?"
"That doesn't sound safe!"
"Ummm, are you crazy! Why would you do that!?"
"What if they are an ax murderer!!!"

Believe it or not, but my best friend actually said that last comment to me the other day. My family and friends freak out when I say that I am going to visit a surrogate friend and her family that live hours away from me. They think I'm crazy. But, I get it. I understand their concerns for me and my safety. I assure you though. None of my surro-sisters are ax murderers!

The bond that I have built with these few special surro-sisters is indescribable. We may not see each other very often, and some surro-sisters I will never get the chance to meet because the miles between us is too great. But, we talk every day believe it or not. We know all about each other through discussions in our private Facebook group and by following each other's blogs. We know where each other is at in our surrogacy journeys. We root each other on and support each other through all of the ups and downs. We get each other. We understand what each other is going through. We support each other. We lift each other up. We are Surro-Sisters. No matter how near or far a part we are, we have a connection like no other. A connection that runs deep and will last a life time.

Now don't get me wrong--My family and friends support me being a surrogate 110%. They are excited for my journey to get going. They just don't understand my desire to befriend other surrogates and do "crazy" things like attend another surrogate's transfer and spend the entire day with her on bed rest because I didn't want her to be alone (her IP's are international).

It's not every day that you meet another surrogate mother in person. They are few and far in between, and most times than not you meet online. When you find a fellow surrogate you hold on to one another, build a friendship, and do "crazy" things like meet up for dinner or gather your families for an afternoon BBQ. We all have one very special thing in common--We have babies for rightfully deserving people who are not able to have these children on their own. We assist in making dreams come true. Now this is one bond that I am ever so proud to be a part of!

Call me "crazy", but I love my Surro-Sisters and I could't imagine going through surrogacy with out their support and friendship. They play a key role in my support system and I am so grateful for each and every one of them.

Now let's get this party started!!! I am meeting up with a few surro-sisters next week for dinner and I have my medical and psych screening next Friday. I'll be re-screened, cleared for take off, matched with great IPs, and bakin' someone else's baby in no time (I hope!)!!


Johanna said...

Yay! I love that you are crazy. That's my favorite part about you :)

Krystal said...

Yay for crazy!! :-) Hey, at least you know when you're meeting up with another surrogate that they've had thorough background and psych evals! Lol!
Wish we lived closer, I'd meet up with ya!

Andrea said...

Good point, Krystal!!

Kelli said...

That is a good point, Krystal! I'd meet up with both of you too!

Ashley said...

VERY good point, Krystal!! Love this post =)

Surrogate, Single Parent and Dating... said...

Me and Krystal think alike...they don't let ax murders be surrogates!!! LOL And me and Krystal met this very way and have become friends and for that I'm very greatful. And after this baby I'm going to meet up with another keep on girl. You know I'm gonna call you if I ever make it that way and you best call me if you ever make it to Dallas!! :)

Michelle said...

I love your blog.... One of my favorites for sure. Your an awesome lady..

McMama said...

It's been so much fun to get to know other surrogates. It's great to know you're not the only one who (fill in the blank).

one faux mommy said...

we should have a surro-sista cruise/vaca/beach getaway!

one faux mommy said...

p.s. i am in s.d. just a hop, skip and a jump from the o.c.

Babydreams2011 said...

If you ever come to Disney look me up cuz I'm totally crazy too, LOL!! According to my psych eval, Im totally sane!! :) :) :)