Friday, March 23, 2012

And I'm like whoa.

Ok, i'll admit. I've gained about 10lbs. since starting the meds. But I look pregnant (pictured right side)!!


Jeff and Kevin said...

You look fantastic! So excited that you are on the journey after so much time. You are a rock star!
Gratuitous shots of your hot hubby would be cool too :D
Y'all got fans. Haaaaa! Dont tell him I said that!
Totally shouldn't be commenting after three glasses of wine with dinner but whatevs :)

Babydreams2011 said...

LOL!! I was just commenting cuz K did and I laughed out loud at his comment!! :) :) You look great girlie!

Andrea said...

Kevin .....I told my husand. He blushed. I'll have to make a special blog post from him just for you. ;)

Jeni said...

Definitely looking pregnant, Girl! Very, VERY cute!

And I hate to admit it but I agree with 1/2 drunk Kevin...your hubby's definitely easy on the eyes!