Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Houston....we have a baby!!!

According to www.IVF.ca, today I am 7w5d PREGNANT!!

A & M are expecting ONE healthy baby....YAY!!

3/14/2012 - 6w6d
Ultrasound confirms ONE baby!
Baby measures 5.51mm
Heart rate is 125bpm

3/20/2012 - 7w5d
Baby measures 1.28cm
Heart rate is 154bpm

The baby is doing great! Measuring well and has a strong heart beat.
Couldn't ask for anything better. I'm so excited for A & M!

How am I feeling? Super tired. I wake up tired. I go to sleep at night exhausted. I am constantly tired. I get waves of nausea every day, all day, but nothing too extreme. Yesterday I picked up some Preggie Pops and a couple acupressure wrist bands that are supposed to help alleviate the nausea. If this will be anything like my last pregnancy, I should expect the nausea to last another 9 weeks or so. 

I'm still doing intramuscular injections (in my rear) of both progesterone (daily) and estrogen (every 3 days), progesterone vaginal suppositories (4x.day), progesterone sublingual lozenges (under the tongue 2x/day), Estrace (estrogen) tablets (3x/day), and of course daily prenatal vitamins. All of the hormone medications will continue for another 4-5 weeks. At that point, I will be released to my OB. 

Speaking of OB, i'm on the hunt for the perfect OB in my area. He/She has to have worked with surrogates before. He has to be comfortable with same sex couples cause well, that's who this baby's parent are and they will be attending doctor appointments throughout this pregnancy. And lastly, he has to be VBAC friendly. This is extremely important to me. If there is no reason for another c-section, I'd like to preserve my body for another pregnancy. Maybe even a sibling project for this baby! ;)


F as in Frank said...

Awww, congratulations to A&M

dteslevich said...

Congrats to all of you! So happy to hear everything is going well :)

Jeff and Kevin said...

Yay! 8 weeks!
Here's hoping you get a lot of sleep tonight :)

Jesse said...

I knew it!! So happy happy happy for you!! Rubbing my belly helped!! YEAH!!

Mike and Tony said...

ANDREA! I am super excited for you! That is the cutest little blob ever!!!

Johanna said...

Yay!!! So excited to hear the good news. I love little boys. Can't wait to see the belly. Hugs friend.

Michael said...

I love these beginning pictures. It's so exciting to see the start.

Venus of the Kitchen said...

Congrats to you and your IPs! :)
Thanks for the peek at your little surrobub!

Priscilla Aguirre said...

Yay!!! I am so happy!! I had been waiting for an update!! So glad that the baby is strong and healthy. My transfer was moved to May but I'm hoping to catch up with you soon!! Congratulations for everyone involved. !! Get your rest girly!! Your the BOMB!!!

Ashley said...

That is one beautiful picture!!! Yay for one baby (but 2 would have been lots of fun too!!).

Jeni said...

This is the best news EVER! Congratulations!!!

Heidi said...

You'll feel sooo much better once you're off the injections. Trust me!