Sunday, November 11, 2012

41w3d - Where's the baby at?

Well...our due date of 11/1/12 has long come and gone. As of today, I am 41 weeks and 3 days pregnant.

Everyone who participated in the Guessing Game has lost.

The pregnancy ticker to the right of this page no longer has a baby floating around. It makes me sad to look at. What does that stupid thing know anyways?

Now that I'm 41 weeks, my OB has me coming in for non-stress tests to check on baby and ultrasounds to measure fluid levels. This past Friday (11/9) I went in for my first monitoring appointment and we passed with flying colors. My fluid levels are great (16cm+). Peanut is still high and head down, but has not descended into my pelvis yet. I'm thinking he is just too comfy cozy so he has no reason to leave yet.

Playing around at the park one night. Hoping to get labor started. 

Laura (36 weeks with surro babe), Amy (my BSSF), and Me (41 weeks with Peanut)
and hey look!! I cut about 9 inches of my hair off.

A surro-sis of mine made this the other day. Love it! 

How am I feeling? I'm tired. More mentally and emotionally tired though. My body itself feels great.....almost too great and I wish something anything would I would just go into labor already. 

Doctor appointments: I have a non-stress test, ultrasound, and OB appointment this Tuesday. Followed by my last non-stress test Friday (which puts us at 42 weeks). If labor doesn't start on its own this coming week then talks of a c-section will take place. 

I've been asked numerous times, "Why don't you just get induced?" 
My OB will not induce me because of my two prior c-sections and the risk of uterine rupture. I have to go into labor on my own and with no complications to be successful at this VBA2C. 

Weight gain: Holding steady at 22 pounds gained for this pregnancy. 

Sleep: Sleep has been OK this past week. I haven't been getting up to pee as much this week. Weird. 

Mood: As we are nearing 42 weeks, I'm starting to feel defeated with this pregnancy. I've planned and prepped for the most amazing VBA2C and now as each day passes with no signs of labor i'm starting to lose hope. There's a little piece of me holding on to that VBA2C...but it's quickly fading...

Exciting moment: My BSSF--best surro sister forever, Amy (pictured above), came into town last Tuesday. The plan was to have her here with me for labor and delivery and to photograph the birth. This morning I dropped her off at the airport so she can return home to her family in Minnesota. She was here for 6 days. During her stay we worked our butts off to send my body into labor and although we were unsuccessful I am thankful for the time that we had together.


Carrie Bell said...

Babydreams2011 said...

Oh no! Cmon peanut Annie needs you to get this show on the road!!

Robin said...

That is one baked baby :) I hope he arrives soon, good luck

Tiffany said...

Oh Andrea, can't believe you are still baking that baby. Sending tons of labor vibes your way and hoping you can avoid the c/s at the end of the week. Com'n baby!!!!

Michelle G. said...

Oh! I hope he comes soon! Don't give up hope! You can do this!!!! Come on lil Peanut!

Melissa said...

~~~~Labor vibes~~~~ good luck!! Hope he decides to make his appearance very soon.

Ashley said...

Woman!!! Are you serious?!? That baby LOVES it in there. This is just crazy. Man, I hope he comes VERY soon for you. Hang in there.

Krystal said...

Dang, girl!! time to drive fast over some speed bumps of somethin! Lol!
Seriously though, I hope you go into labor on your own VERY soon! Sending labor vibes your way!

BreAnna said...

Aww, well he can't stay in there forever! It won't be long now. I hope you are able to deliver Peanut the way that you would like and have been planning on. Hopefully your next post is baby pics!! Best of luck to all of you.