Thursday, April 24, 2014

25 weeks down and 14 to go!

Seriously? More than half way done with this pregnancy. It makes me sad to know that it's almost over. It makes me even more sad to know that this may be my last pregnancy, too. This will be my 4th c-section, and even though I've had great recoveries and with minimal scar tissue, you just never know how the next one will go. I'm crossing my fingers and toes that this delivery will go as seamlessly as the last three, and that I'm given the "all clear" to get pregnant just ONE MORE TIME.

As sad as I may be about this pregnancy nearing the end, I am ecstatic at the thought of witnessing Robbie and Allen fall madly in love with their new baby boy the second they lay their eyes on him. This is the part that surrogates dream about the most. It is an honor to see the new family bonding together, and it's an even bigger gift to watch that family grow over the years to come.

Taken a few weeks ago at our 23 wk check-up

How am I felling? We are currently 25 weeks and 3 days pregnant and I am feeling great! Seriously. No complaints. 

Doctor Appointments: Our next OB appointment is on May 5th - Cinco de Mayo! I will have the 1 hour glucose test and then we'll get to tour the hospital.

Weight gain: I've been at a steady gain of 2 pounds every 4 weeks. Not bad! *pats self on back*

Sleep: Sleep is going well. I'm getting more tired throughout the day as we progress further into this pregnancy, but i'm hanging in there!

Mood: My patience runs pretty thin past 8:00pm. Anything that my husband does past this time pisses me off or annoys me. The poor guy can't even drink a glass of water without me giving him the evil glare. 

Exciting moment: I recently celebrated my 32nd birthday in San Diego with my family and my IFs. Saturday was spent with my family lounging around the hotel pool and taking a boat tour around Mission Bay. Sunday (Easter) we enjoyed a fun-filled day at Sea World with Robbie and Allen. So much fun!

Husband. Mom. Me. Kids.
Me. (hot) Husband. Kids. IFs.

Robbie. Me. Allen.

I wasn't able to go on any of the rides due to having a little womb-mate. Everyone else enjoyed this ride and made it past the big drop with minimal splashing. What they didn't realize is that they've just entered the "Cannon zone", and guess who's behind the trigger!?! ME!!

Wait for it........

Cannon shot!!! Score!

Bhahahahaha!!! Got 'em!!

They had no clue what was coming. Best. Moment. All. Day. 


Anonymous said...

I love this post!! So awesome! I'm at the same point in my surrogacy journey as well but have an international IM. I am so happy to see you'll bonding over this wonderful journey! Congratulations to you'll.

Krystal said...

Why does it seem like your pregnancy is going by so fast and mine is DRAGGING?? Lol.

You look great and looks like you, your family and IPs have a great relationship!