Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A special visit with Peanut and his Daddies

Back in April I had the pleasure of spending a few days with my Peanut and his Daddies up in San Francisco. My friend Amy was able to join us too! Amy is very special to us - she attended Ari's birth and captured some of the most incredible moments. (check them out here and here!) We love you, Amy!!

Amy did a quick mini-session during our visit, too. Check them out below.

Our time with my Surro-Fam was short and sweet. I really enjoyed just being there and watching Ari interact with his Dads. It was nice to catch up with A & M too! It's been almost exactly one year since we've all seen each other, and that is way too long. I've made a promise with myself to see them more often.

Ari is so smart and such a beautiful little boy. He is very active too! I am looking forward to seeing them again very soon. Ari turns TWO this November, and I'm thinking that will be a great time for another visit.


Toni Adwell said...

He is adorable and you look radiant in these pictures; so glad you had a wonderful time!


Michael said...

Thanks for updating us about Peanut. Cute pictures.