Monday, June 9, 2014

7 weeks to go!

Today marks the 32 week mark. In just 7 short weeks we will meet this little man that is growing inside my womb. He is active and strong and growing at an alarming rate. Ok, so maybe not "alarming", but boy am I starting to feel it!

31 weeks on the left and 32 weeks on the right. Grow baby, grow!!

How am I feeling?:  I'm slowing down with each day and getting tired very easily. At times, my aches and pains are getting to be very difficult to handle. I caved last week and made an appointment with my chiropractor for some relief.  I'm the type of person that waits things out to see if my body will recover on it's own before seeking relief -- whether it be a small dose of Tylenol or a trip to the doc. This time, my body knew what it wanted and it wouldn't ease up until I gave in and sought out help. And thank gawd I did! My chiropractor worked her magic on my back and I instantly felt the tension disappear. Why the heck did I wait so long?? Stubbornness I guess.

Doctor Appointments: I passed the one hour glucose test last month. Yay!! At our last OB appointment, we were able to sneak a speak at this little dude. He has the most lucious lips!! I can not wait to meet this little one. We are down to appointments every two weeks now.

Weight gain: No comment.

Sleep: It's getting increasingly harder to get comfortable. Staying comfortable is another story. I'm constantly awakened while struggling to adjust positions or rescuing my arms and hands because they've fallen asleep and have become tingly. My belly feels very heavy and no sleep position is a good one at this point. Pillows are my best friends right now.

Mood: I'm tired. I'm crabby. I'm 8 months pregnant. Need I say more?

Exciting Moment: Getting to see Scoop unexpectedly in 3D during our last ultrasound. It's was pretty awesome. And he is simply beautiful.


Buttermilk said...

You look great and that babe is super cute! I hope everything progresses smoothly for you.

james miller said...

You are looking very good! Keep it up. being a surrogate mother is really a very good decision.

Dana said...

You are so close! Take care are take it easy! Looking good.

Tiffany said...

Andrea, oh where oh where have you gone?! Updates please!! Hope all is well and thinking of you. :)

Jen said...

Hi Andrea! Just catching up on some blogs! You looked great at the time for sure! How are you doing? How did everything go? I'm a first time surrogate and just transferred 2 little embies on I anxiously await for results!
Are you gonna do it again? Too soon to ask..? lol
Hope you and Ifs are good...and baby of course..