Friday, October 5, 2012

35/36 week comparison. Changes are happening!

This past week I have been feeling different. I'm more tired. All of Peanut's movements are starting to get uncomfortable and sometimes even painful as he grazes across my rib cage or flips into a crazy position. It's harder for me to get around without supporting my belly or my back. Trips to the grocery store are exhausting. I've had to ice my back daily, in addition to seeing the chiropractor once a week. The chiro suggested I get a prenatal massage before coming in to see her next week, so that I will do. My mood has been something else, too! I'm so irritable and can't tolerate much going on arond me. My husband will say, "What's new?", but I can seriously notice my mood swings increasing and my sensitivity level at an all time high. You look at me wrong and it will send me into tears. I've also been experiencing braxton hicks lately. This one is new for me because I don't remember having them with my other two pregnancies. Or, maybe I wasn't in tune or aware of what was going on with my body then? I'm not complaining here, just documenting all the change so I have something to look back on.

I had an OB appointment this past Wednesday and since my last visit two weeks ago I have gained 5 pounds. That explains a lot of my uncomfortableness lately. So, I'm up to 22 pounds total gained. My goal for this pregnancy is 25lbs....and I still have 4ish more weeks left. Eeeep!

It dawned on me to compare my 35 week and 36 week belly photo this week. Man this baby can grow!!
It's amazing how much change can happen in just one week.

All of these changes happening this week is starting to freak me out a little. I'm not going to lie. I have a scary feeling that Peanut *may* make his grand appearance a little earlier than expected. I'm not ready for that. My "plan" is for him to arrive on 11/1 or shortly after. So much is relying on that date.

So Mr. Peanut...please hang tight just a little longer. Take this time to grow just a little bit stronger and allow for all of us to prepare the way that we need to for your arrival. Four more weeks, little buddy. You will be in your Daddies arms in no time, just please allow me four more weeks. I love you.


Heather Ballantine said...

Awwe hang in there! And you too peanut, 4 more weeks!!! You're doing amazing, I just LOVE your photo comparison.

Jesse said...

Gosh, I can't believe you're this close!! EEK!!! Enjoy these last few weeks as much as you can. Having been through this, I say from experience... :)

Hang in there!! You're doing GREAT!!

Stephanie Mabie said...

I love the comparison shot! You're on the home stretch! I bet his daddies can't wait to meet him! :-) Getting a prenatal massage is a great idea! It will help relax you. Good luck!

Jeni said...

Looking good! You're in the home stretch!