Friday, October 12, 2012

37 weeks

37 week belly picture 
What an exciting yet stressful week this has been! A lot going on. We are officially "full term" and Mr. Peanut can now safely make his grand appearance any day now. I'd like to think we still have a few more weeks though, but if and when he's ready, then I am ready!

Daddies are packing their bags and they make sure to keep their cell phones on every night just in case they get "the call"! I keep saying I need to pack my bags as well, but I haven't made it that far yet. Maybe I'll tackle that this weekend.

How am I feeling? Physically, I am feeling great this week--A little more pressure down below but that's a good thing. It means the Nut is getting himself nice a ready for birth! My back has been feeling a ton better this week too, so the chiropractor is definitely working wonders. 

Doctor appointments: Wednesday I went in for my weekly OB appt. We discussed my birthing preferences and I had a vaginal exam. Originally I was going to pass on the exam and let things happen as they come, but since I was experiencing quite a few braxton hicks the week prior, I figured it won't hurt to see where we are at with progress this week. I also thought it will be neat to see my progression from here on out and to compare each week. Anyhow, doctor checked me and discovered that I am 50% effaced with zero dilation and baby is high. I was happy with her findings because I don't recall ANY progress made at this stage of my two previous pregnancies. The doc also sent me over to have an ultrasound and to see what position baby is in. It was discovered that Peanut is semi-transverse (head low but to my right side). Doc suggested that I consult with their Perinatologist next week on having a possible External Version. So, next week (38wks) I will have that consult as well as another u/s to check baby's position. If he has moved completely head down by next week then we do nothing further and wait until labor begins. IF he is still transverse then we will schedule the external version for the following week (39wks). 

For more info on an External Version CLICK HERE
For a video on an External Version CLICK HERE

Weight gain: Down two pounds from last week, giving me a total of 20lbs gained so far during this pregnancy. 

Sleep: Sleep is OK this week. I've got my routine down on the exact positions that I lay each of my (4) pillows to make me the most comfortable. This week I've had a lot on my mind, so it has taken me a while for my brain to fall asleep. I can lay there for a few hours before finally getting some shut eye. Thank goodness for smart phones because I can lay in bed browsing the internet or Facebook until my eyes finally start to get heavy. 

Mood: I would say the same as last week...One big ball of emotions. 

Exciting moment: I had maternity portraits taken this week! I am SO excited to see how they turned out. As soon as I get them I will share!


Jeni said...

I think this picture might be my favorite of you so far. I don't know...there are so many, but for sure it's my favorite picture of you in your 37th week! LOL

Can't wait for peanut to arrive! You're so darn close! EEK!

Mike and Tony said...

You look amazing!!! I am so excited to hear the birth story.

Michael said...

I am so excited to meet little Peanut!