Friday, September 2, 2011

And so it begins

Meds have arrived!!!  Meds have arrived!!! Meds have arrived!!!

T = 31 days until (possible) transfer!!!!!!!!!!!

This is enough medication for....get this....ONE MONTH!!
Of course there are more needles and syringes, but I didn't want to pull them all out just for the picture.
I had my first monitoring appointment today. This will be the first of many monitoring appointments throughout this cycle and leading up to the transfer. These appointments consist of blood work and a lovely transvaginal ultrasound.

Say hello to Mr. Weenie Wand....complete with a condom and lube!!

I received confirmation today that I am to start the Lupron injections this evening!! Holy hell, can you believe it!?! I'm already clenching my teeth at the thought of giving myself a shot on a daily basis. Thank goodness the needle is small!


Anyhow. I was going to video tape my first injection, but I have decided against it. My belly, where the injection site takes place, is not pretty enough for all to see. So instead, I have found a Lupron injection demonstration on YouTube.  Enjoy!

***One year ago I had a BIG announcement!!


Babydreams2011 said...

CONGRATS!! Lupron is easy peasy, you will be an old pro in no time! Getting close, eeeeek! I can't wait! I have to live vicariously through you until it's my turn! xoxo!

Jeni said...

Let the sticking begin!!! Yay!

Let us know how it goes!

Jesse said...

So flippin' excited for you, girl!!

linda said...

OK, I have heard of the "dildo cam" but the "weenie wand" had me laughing so hard!!! :-))

So glad to see you are looking forward to the process. I can't wait to see you post your good news!

<3 Linda

Michelle said...

I loved the video... Thanks for posting it.

Anonymous said...

OMGOSH! I am so excited for you... well maybe not about the sticking part, but still!

Ashley said...

This part is so exciting... and yes, the Lupron shots are sooo easy compared to what is to come =/ You'll do great though!