Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Counting Down Until Transfer Day

The transfer is less than two weeks away and I couldn't be more thrilled!! I never thought this day would finally come and to know that it's just a week and a half amazing.

I am so excited to see my Intended Fathers. We talk/text/email regularly, but haven't seen each other since our match meeting in July. I'm hoping we are able to spend a few days together while they are down for the egg retrieval and transfer.

I might have the opportunity to meet the egg donor next week while she is in town for the egg retrieval. If it works out while my Guys are in town, this will make for one hell of a photo opp!!

My son, Aiden, is becoming more and more involved and excited about the surrogacy. My heart smiles every time Aiden asks questions. Most recently he asked when he will get to meet The Guys and wanted to know if they could bring their dog with them. So cute. The other night while I was quietly administering my Lupron injection, Aiden walks in and says, "Mom, I want to do it!". So, I let him push the syringe. I was expecting him to say something...maybe smile or giggle? Nope. When he was finished he just walked away. It was like he was a pro.

How are the injections coming along? Not as bad as I thought they would be. The Lupron (tummy) injections are the easiest ones with the needle being so teeny tiny. I am able to give these to myself with no problems. My only complaint now is that it seems like my skin is getting tough to stick the needle into. I've been rotating sides/areas, but nothing is helping. The big estrogen (booty) shots are going well--I've only had 3 so far. I can not do them on my own, so my sister has been coming over every three nights for those injections. Tonight she must have hit a vein because there was a lot of blood. It didn't hurt, but she sure was worried that she had done something wrong.

(excuse me while I side track for a moment)

This is how I have organized my meds, needles, syringes, alcohol wipes, ect.
(Lupron stays in the fridge)
I refill my caddy as needed and store it out of the way until the next use.

This past weekend I enjoyed a last hoorah with my girlfriends.
Sushi and drinks were in order.
When the restaurant manager got word of our celebration, he brought me this desert.
Best. Candle. Ever!!
(What was I saying?? Oh yea...)

I had a monitoring appointment this past Monday and much to my surprise my uterine lining is already at 16mm!! When the ultrasound tech told me this, I screamed, "SIXTEEN!?!". At last weeks appointment--I had just started my period that morning--and my lining was at 5.8mm, so I wasn't expecting to hear 16mm already. With that said, and being that my body is reacting nicely to the meds, there will be no increase in estrogen this week. (for those of you unaware..estrogen helps to thicken the uterine lining...thus making the perfect, cushy environment for the little embies to "stick")

I'm excited...and a little nervous to see what my lining will be at this coming Monday. I'd prefer to stay around 16mm.

Transfer is in T minus 12 days. Aaaack!!! I can't believe it.
"A" and "M", let's get pregnant!!

***One year ago I was prepping for my first Match Meeting.


Jeni said...

Woo-hoo!! So exciting!! You're gonna be prego in less than 2 weeks! Crazy! Can't wait to see what your lining is...16????? Good Lord, girlfriend! Those embies are gonna be growin on an extra thick pillow top mattress! :)

TXSurromom said...

That is one amazing candle. :) I had a "last night out" celebration too and had some drinks with friends. :) Kind of crazy knowing, "I will be pregnant on this day" and being able to prepare isn't it? :)

And yay for injections! I'm glad they're going well.

Kelli said...

It'll be here before you know it! 16 is a very fluffy lining!! I had a last hurrah night too...I think it's imperative to get all those "lasts" in before getting knocked up! :)

one faux mommy said...

16 mm!!! holy crap girl! there's gonna be a nice fluffy bed for those embies!

Krystal said...

YAY!!!! :) You'll be knocked up before you know it, especially with that great lining number!
Btw, I love how organized you keep your meds!
(And that candle was awesome!)

Anonymous said...


Ashley said...

Yay!!!!! Super excited for you, girl. Hopefully the next couple weeks fly by. You've waited a long time for this and I am so happy for you.

Jeff and Kevin said...

Aiden is one cool cat! Time is flying. I need to keep up better :)

linda said...

"Tonight she must have hit a vein because there was a lot of blood. It didn't hurt, but she sure was worried that she had done something wrong."

Always a good idea to aspirate anytime you do a shot in the bum. :) Just pull the syringe out a bit and look for blood. If you see any, pull out and do the shot somewhere else and apply pressure to the area that bled.

16mm? That sounds way too thick this early in your cycle. Might be a mistake with the ultrasound machine or the person that did it (nurse or doctor?)...10-11mm is typical at the time of transfer and your lining is still going to grow between today and transfer! :)

Sounds like all systems are GO!!!